Who are we?

Founded by JDC-Israel in 1998, the Center for International Migration and Integration (CIMI) is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to assisting Israel in meeting its migration challenges.  Originally founded to leverage the extensive Israeli practical expertise in the fields of immigrant integration and diaspora-homeland partnerships, today CIMI supports Israel in a wide range of migration management issues. CIMI strives to help Israel meet its obligations under international law and apply international standards and best practices in the field of migration.

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What's New at CIMI

New publication on the impact of Israel's bilateral labor agreements

Upon the release of the new bi-annual report on the effectiveness of the bilateral agreements, CIMI held a roundtable in collaboration with the Immigration and Population Authority on the "Recruitment of foreign workers through bilateral labor agreements: lessons learned". The study was conducted by Prof. Nonna Kushnirovich and Prof. Rebeca Raijman, and it also analyses aggregated findings since 2011, with comparative data on the situation of migrants before the agreements.
Click here for the English version

The Call Center for migrant workers booklet
We recently published the data booklet of the call center for migrant workers. The call center was established and operates as a part of Israel’s bilateral agreements with worker-sending countries, in cooperation with the Israeli Population and Immigration Border Authority. The hotline operates in 9 languages and serves more than 45,000 migrant workers in Israel. The booklet includes data about complaints and inquiries received at the call center during 2018, and compares this data with data since 2014, the year in which the computerized system of hotline data collection was established. The call center provides an initial response and guidance to workers who submit complaints and inquiries, and forwards the complaints to the various enforcement agencies of PIBA, the ministries of labor, welfare and social services, the Israel police, and others.

Data from the Call Center for foreign workers established as part of the Bilateral Agreements: click here

Data on agricultural workers in the framework of the Thailand Israel Cooperation Project: click here

Academic collaborations

Center for International Migration and Integration is concluding another year of fruitful academic collaborations with international MA programs. Throughout the 2018-2019 academic year, CIMI hosted interns from "GLOCAL", MA in International Development who worked with us on re-integration of migrant workers in their country of origin. In addition, CIMI hosted interns from the MA program for Global Migration and Policy who worked on migration and technology, orientation for migrants, and asylum.

IOM Bangkok visits TIC workers in Israeli farmsCIMI and IOM Bangkok held visits to TIC workers around various farms in Israel. The workers answered a questionnaire about their rights while project and CIMI staff spoke with employers on various issues.Read more here

Asylum Seeker Rights Center in Be'er Sheva

CIMI's new Rights Center in Be'er Sheva is a volunteer-based initiative aimed at providing asylum seekers with counseling and support. Read more about the center, and a recent volunteer training session.
Read more here

At the Forefront of Cultural Competence Training

"There are some 50,000 asylum seekers in Israel who come from African countries, mainly from Eritrea and Sudan, and some 2,000 in Jerusalem ..." Read more of this story here.
Cultural competency training materials and workshops are at the forefront of meeting the challenges this reality presents. Read more about CIMI's work in this area with its partner, The Jerusalem Intercultural Center, here.


Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration (AVRR)

AVRR is designed to assist vulnerable migrants in Israel with the often challenging experience of returning to their home countries. Read more about the program here...


National Service Pilot Program and Scholarships for Unacompanied Minors - Your Support Counts!

CIMI and ASSAF, in cooperation with the National Service Volunteer Association, have developed a pilot program for a National Service track for young asylum seekers. Read more about the program and learn how you can help here...