National Service Pilot Program for Unaccompanied Minors


The Unaccompanied Minors Project is a project, operated in partnership with ASSAF - Aid Organization for Asylum Seekers, that involves a group of youths who arrived in Israel as minors with no parents or guardians. The project aims to provide these youths with a social support network in order to ease their transition out of educational frameworks (high school) and into the adult world which, for asylum seekers in Israel, is a challenging and uncertain reality.  Since the very start of the project, which has already been running for over a year, the young adult participants have been expressing interest in joining the military or National Service programs just like their Israeli peers do when they turn 18 and finish high school. However, as asylum seekers in Israel, these tracks are not available to them despite the fact that Israel is where they feel most at home.

CIMI and ASSAF, in cooperation with the National Service Volunteer Association (NGO), have developed a pilot program for a National Service track for young asylum seekers.This National Service program, which will be based in Jerusalem, will consist of 8-10 youth participants who will live and volunteer together.  They will volunteer in the fields of health, the elderly, special education, youth at risk and more.

The program includes an informal education component for the National Service volunteers, as well as life-skills workshops and recreational field trips. During their year of service, the participants will also have the opportunity tocomplete matriculation exams, study for the psychometric exam, attend vocational training courses, etc. In addition, they will be allowed to work in parallel with their service, and thus supplement their income.


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