CIMI maintains that while asylum seekers reside in Israel, Israel has certain obligations towards them. CIMI acts in several ways to assist Israel in meeting these obligations and to enhance protection mechanisms for the asylum seeker community. All of CIMI's work is based on adherence to international standards, carried out in cooperation with government, civil society, and international organizations such as the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the International Organization of Migration (IOM).


CIMI's activities in assisting asylum seekers include:


  • Increasing access to social services for people residing primarily in the periphery of the country, in partnership with local authorities and volunteers

  • Operating afterschool programs for children of asylum seekers in Arad and Eilat that provide the children with academic and integrative support

  • Assisting asylum seekers who arrived in Israel as unaccompanied minors as they transition from youth to adulthood.

  • Capacity building by training local and state government officials—particularly at the municipality level—who work with African migrants

  • Support the development of Israel's refugee status determination capacity

  • Facilitate programming between Israeli host communities and asylum seekers aimed at reducing tensions and promoting cooperation.



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