CIMI has been active in the southern periphery of Israel for several years. It has conducted projects with many asylum seeker communities, and local partners. In 2016 CIMI started a new project in Be'er Sheva, which provides counseling and supports access to social rights, for asylum seekers residing in the south of the country. CIMI holds weekly open reception hours, every Monday between 17:30-20:00. Asylum seekers can come and receive information, support and guidance on various issues, such as employment rights, medical problems and health insurance, welfare, education and legal issues. 

The program is staffed by a project coordinator and a trained volunteers. The staff is ready to receive asylum seekers at the center each Monday, documenting cases and following them through with the additional assistance of local and state partners. We follow up with our clients and support them through the whole process, providing access to information and services that are especially lacking in the periphery.

We invite you to join our project and learn more about the community of asylum seekers in Israel, to learn about the different aspects of their lives and support them in a meaningful way. We provide various form of volunteering with a minimum of 4 hours required a week and a one year commitment. 


Below are photos from a recent volunteer training