Combatting Labor Trafficking


Bilateral agreements and the CIMI worker's hotline have greatly reduced the phenomenon of labor trafficking.



In 2012, workers in the construction and agriculture sectors were recruited for the first time exclusively via bilateral agreements. These agreements dramatically diminished the phenomenon of illegal recruitment fees and reduced the cost of arriving to Israel from between 9,000-30,000 USD to 500-1200 USD. CIMI has been instrumental in developing and implementing these agreements. CIMI also operates hotlines in Israel and in countries of origin, and registered 3,185 complaints from over 25,000 calls to date.

Since signing bilateral agreements, information about recruitment and work in Israel has become clear and accessible. According to information gathered from CIMI's worker hotline, social networks and the media have become the main disseminators of information, rendering private recruitment agencies irrelevant. This has contributed to the significant reduction of the phenomenon of exorbitant recruitment fees in Thailand, and the subsequent reduction in vulnerability to human trafficking and exploitation.


The documented recruitment fees in the construction sector are among the highest fees paid by migrant workers. Payments made by migrant workers from signatory countries have been significantly reduced to just a few hundred dollars.