Counter Trafficking 



There is a population of migrant men and women subjected to forced labor and sex trafficking in Israel.  Within the circle of low-skilled legal migrants from Asia, workers face violations of basic rights such as withholding of passports, movement restrictions, withholding of wages, sexual assault, and physical intimidation. Furthermore, there is an increasing number of African migrants being identified as victims of trafficking and torture. Some of these migrants have fallen victim to traffickers and are taken to "torture camps" in Sinai where their release is dependent upon payment of a ransom.  Thousands of migrants now live in Israel with severe mental and physical scars as a result of their migration experience.

CIMI focuses its efforts in three areas to help this population.


  • Capacity Building  In partnership with MASHAV, Israel's Agency for International Development Cooperation, CIMI conducted training seminars for government officials and NGOs abroad on the topic of trafficking. Today, CIMI’s capacity building activities are geared towards Israeli government officials, especially to promote the effective identification and referral of victims and to increase the cultural understanding of officials working with this population.


  • Rehabilitation of Victims of Trafficking  In cooperation with government shelters, CIMI implements tailored vocational training and reintegration programs for victims of trafficking.


  • Prevention  CIMI works to prevent trafficking through the facilitation of bilateral labor agreements, research and participation in international forums, and information campaigns in countries of origin.