Migration & Development: Diaspora Partnerships



Diaspora communities pose diverse challenges and opportunities to migrants in the diaspora and their countries of origin. Migrants face the challenge of balancing host-country integration with maintaining homeland ties, and countries of origin face challenges such as "brain drain" and family separation. However, both can gain from monetary remittances, business ties, cultural exchange, and more. Through strong partnerships, diaspora communities and countries of origin can harness the full potential of diasporas, address areas of joint concern, and mutually benefit.


Drawing from practical experience in Israel-Diaspora partnerships and international development, CIMI has initiated comprehensive and adaptable models of capacity building in the areas of diaspora community building and development expertise. These activities have included programs such as:


  • Support Government Agencies with a diaspora engagement mandate in developing diaspora strategies and accompanying Action Plans

  • Conducting Diaspora mapping exercises

  • Supporting organizational development of diaspora associations (NGOs) and related governmental institutions

  • Providing training for migrant women activists  

  • Providing expertise in organizational development of diaspora organizations

  • Providing expertise for the development of diaspora programming: philanthropy and fundraising, youth programming, diaspora return migration,reintegration, etc.