Immigrant Integration


Without a doubt, immigration was and still is the single most significant factor in Israel’s impressive population growth since the establishment of the state. Immigrants to Israel hail from over 100 countries. Israel continues to grapple with the social, economic, cultural and psychological challenges of integrating such a sizeable and diverse immigrant population.

CIMI aims to leverage Israeli expertise in immigrant integration in order to develop initiatives that further immigrant integration in Israel and around the world. To achieve this goal, CIMI strives to:


  • Share knowledge and good practices among migration policy-makers, practitioners, and community groups in order to better implement integration policies and projects.

  • Develop short and long-term courses and seminars to train professionals, governmental officials and field personnel

  • Provide expertise, drawing on a wide network of associated professionals – including senior JDC staff – with varying fields of expertise that range from language study and employment, to housing, education, community/leadership development, and cross-cultural bridging.



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