Promoting Global Solutions at the Local Level:

Sharing Experience and Practices in the Field of Migrant Integration

Seminar Details

Location: Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Israel

Dates: January 30 - February 1, 2017

​About the conference:

The Center for International Migration and Integration (CIMI), in partnership with the JDC, is hosting an opportunity to discuss and share experiences and practices for migrant integration, with a particular focus on the municipal level, in the form of a three-day Expert Seminar.​ 


The transnational movement of people is an integral part of today’s globalised economy. The increasing presence of newcomers in host societies has made integration a sine-qua-non aspect of effective migration policies. Although there is no internationally agreed upon definition of integration, the term gives the sense of a process of mutual adaptation of the newcomer vis-à-vis the hosting society and vice versa. The recent rise in the number of people on the move worldwide not only puts integration high on the political agenda of many countries, but also reflects a growing need for strengthening the sharing of experiences and practices in this field.


The event will gather municipal and national-level officials from both established and relatively new destination countries in Europe, especially those affected by the current migration crisis and those involved in welcoming Syrian refugees. Participants will have a demonstrated experience in planning and implementing integration policies at either the national or local level. The seminar will also target those countries with relatively limited experience with immigrant integration but nevertheless host large stocks of foreigners requiring integration support. Relevant international organizations, including the OSCE, will be invited to contribute to the reflection. The aim is to formulate a set of key findings for possible further action, particularly at the municipal level.  


During the three-day event, there will be opportunities to  hear from experts in plenary-style meetings and breakout discussion groups to better analyze and examine solutions. The conference will also include multiple site visits to highlight Israel's approaches, methodologies and tools in the field of migrant integration.

​General Topics of Discussion:

  • Labour market inclusion, rights protection, and other employment-related issues

  • Practices for tackling educational challenges

  • Migrant acquisition of skills (including languages)

  • Intercultural competency and diversity training

  • Institutional Arrangement: The role of government, municipalities, private sector and migrant organizations

  • Working with multiple migrant populations and addressing cultural- or gender-specific challenges

  • Changing the narrative of migration burden; Countering xenophobia and racism

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