Labor Migration


CIMI's involvement in the field of labor migration is driven by its overall objective to protect migrants and to maximize the development potential of migration for Israel, the sending countries, and the migrants themselves.

Labor migrants are vulnerable due to exploitation and abuse by their employers, debt bondage, and a widespread lack of awareness of their rights. CIMI works in a number of ways in order to combat these issues and protect workers against other abuses:


  • CIMI assists the Government of Israel in developing implementation mechanisms for operating transparent labor migration processes without the involvement of manpower agencies in countries of origin

  • In partnership with NGOs in sending-countries, CIMI facilitates the recruitment, pre-departure oriention, and preparedness of migrant workers so as to ensure their fair and safe employment in Israel.

  • CIMI operates hotlines for migrant workers in the native languages of the migrants. In the past two years, over 40,000 phone calls have been received.



For more information about the hotline for migrant workers, click here.