Margarita Gorodnitsky

Margarita Gorodnitsky is CIMI's Deputy Executive Director of finances, human resources and administration. Margarita is responsible for the field of labor migration, in addition to running managerial training programs for various organizational partners. Prior to joining CIMI, Margarita managed an assistance project for migrant youth at risk and served as an educator in various activities at the Jewish Agency and volunteered in various social frameworks. She holds a BA in international relations, journalism and communications and a master's degree in nonprofit management from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Nelly is the Director of Research, Evaluation and Development at CIMI. Our research aims to create a strong knowledge base of migration and migration policy, to share the growing body of knowledge to promote CIMI's causes, and to support and develop our various programs and activities. Nelly has a background in migrants' rights and civil society initiatives, with experience based on combining practice and research. She has a PhD from Tel Aviv University's Department of Sociology and Anthropology, her dissertation was on labor migration from a comparative perspective on Israel and Singapore. Her MSc is from the University of Amsterdam in Migration Studies, her thesis was on children of migrant workers in Israel.

Noa Shauer

Noa is the Manager of Labour Migration Programs. Noa has a rich background working in several civil society organizations among them Community Advocacy and Amnesty International. In her work Noa was advocating for the acknowledgment of rights for different communities in Israel and specifically migrant workers. Noa’s last and most significant work was at KavlaOved – Workers’ Hotline, where she was the manager of The Agricultural Migrant Workers’ Department. As part of her roll she advocated for migrant workers’ rights both domestically and internationally including the in the EU parliament. In 2015 Noa was chosen by Yediot Ahronot newspaper to be one of the most socially influential person for that year.  Noa has an academic background in Sociology and Anthropology from Tel Aviv University and The University of Amsterdam.

Alon Akerman



Alon is the Manager of the Call Center for Migrant Workers. As part of his position, Alon manages the translators in various languages, responsible for the call center operation, including the ongoing receipt and response to worker complaints, and coordinates with Israeli government ministries and foreign embassies in order to raise awarness and create solutions for ensuring the rights of migrant workers. Previously, Alon worked as the Thailand-Israel Cooperation (TIC) project coordinator. Prior to joining CIMI, Alon worked in the informal education field, and volunteered in organizations dealing with refugees in the areas of asylum-seekers status and social-cultural integration of youth. Alon has a B.A in government and society with specialization in international politics from the Academic college of Tel Aviv-Yaffo. Alon now studies in the M.A program of Global Migration and Policy in Tel-Aviv university. 

Noa Hilman

Adi Markovitz-Ottervanger



Adi is the Board of Directors Secretary and Volunteers Coordinator at CIMI. Prior to joining CIMI, Adi worked mainly in public relations and fundraising for Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, the Jerusalem Music Center, The Jerusalem Foundation (Israel Desk), the Israel Democracy Institute (Development) and Kehilat Moreshet Avraham of the Masorti Movement. Adi double majored in English Literature and East Asia Studies (China) and also has an MA in Asian Studies from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Marina Fedosina




Noa is the manager of the Asylum Seekers' Programs. Prior to joining CIMI, Noa worked in the formal and informal education systems, and established and coordinated Haifa's Asylum Seekers Assistance Project. Noa has degrees in Education and Judaism, and is currently writing an M.A Thesis in Anthropology. 


Miriam Gvaram




Miriam is the coordinator of CIMI's Call Center for migrant workers. She manages the ongoing receipt and response of worker complaints in various languages and coordinates with various Israeli government ministries  in order to find solutions to complaints and ensures the rights of migrant workers. 


Miriam is an activist with a vast experience working with a disadvantaged and marginals population; women in prostitution, asylum seekers and trafficking in torture survivors. She is the founder of HerMamurial project, dedicated for the commemoration of gender base murdered women and for fighting the phenomena, working with various governmental institutes in Israel. Miriam is the the Gender advisor in The Israeli School of Humanitarian Aid.

Marina is the manager of the Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration Program (AVRR) that assists migrants who wish to return to their countries of origin. Prior to this position Marina completed three years of work as Project Coordinator for the Thailand-Israel Cooperation (TIC) project in CIMI. Marina has B.A. in Organization Management from Polytechnic Government University of St.Petersburg (Russia). Before CIMI Marina worked in informal education with teenagers and families who made Aliya to Israel.

Yael Shahar



Yael is the Thailand-Israel Cooperation (TIC) project coordinator. The project facilitates bi-lateral agreements between the countries. Prior to joining CIMI, Yael worked for the public sector at the municipal level as Social Project Manager as well as for various private sector companies in their CSR departments. Yael volunteered in nonprofit organizations that deal with education for vulnerable populations. Yael has a B.A in political science and philosophy from Tel Aviv university. Yael now studies in the M.A program of Global Migration and Policy in Tel-Aviv university. 

Shir Freiman




Shir manages the department of refugee and asylum seeker rights in the south of Israel (Be'er Sheva, Sderot, Arad and other locations). She has degrees in African Studies, Sociology and Anthropology. Shir has extensive experience in formal and non-formal education with various populations, particularly with African communities in Israel.

Shir has also volunteered with asylum seeker children in Arad and with children and adolescents in Uganda as a part of a delegation on behalf of Ben Gurion University.

Kessie Gonen


Kessie Gonen is Thai-speaking translator for the TIC Hotline. Kessie has BA in Sociology from university in Thailand and has previously worked with the Consortium and UNHCR with South East Asia Refugees in Thailand. She Moved to Israel in 2006, and prior to joining  CIMI  she worked with Kav La'Oved where she assisted Thai migrant agriculture workers in Israel.

Jill Oron




Jill Oron is the coordinator of activities for children and adolescent asylum seekers in Eilat. Prior to joining CIMI, Jill was Program Coordinator for a therapeutic riding center serving over two hundred riders with special needs.

Jill’s background is in Play Therapy and Equine Assisted Education. She is also an English teacher and enjoys bringing this into her work with the children in the center. 

Maya Ben-Zaken




Maya manages the department of refugee and asylum seeker rights in Eilat. Maya has extensive experience in managing human resources in the hotel sector of Eilat, as well as training in rehabilitation for people with mental illness. Currently, Maya is pursuing her first degree in social work.

Rima Safdi



Rima is the Thailand-Israel Cooperation (TIC) project coordinator. The project facilitates bi-lateral agreements between the countries. Prior to joining CIMI, Rima worked as a producer of programs for the Arab sector at Tevel dealing with political processes in Israel and around the world, and policies in various social and economic fields. . Rima has a B.A in Social Sciences and Humanities from the Open University, and Masters in Migration and Social Integration from Ruppin Academic Center.

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